Ian Redmond

We have had a gorilla expert with us, Ian Redmond, who has been serving as a primate advisor, ground liaison, translator, and provides just general entertainment to the crew (mainly because of his positive spirit and his propensity toward semi-nudity).  He is a lovely guy who I hope to tell you about in greater detail later, but he started his primate career working alongside the late Dian Fossey. He is an excellent photographer, and though filming bonobos was very hard for us, he went out with a different wild group and managed to get some fabulous photos that capture their sweet demeanor.  I’ll post those so you know that Bonobos are beautiful, splendid creatures, and it IS possible to photograph them well, if you’re patient and hard-working like Ian.

Ian more at home in the bush (photo by Ben Cunningham) 

Ian more at home in the bush

Ian is more ape than human (photo by Mike Dillon)

Ian is more ape than human