Off to Indonesia to film the orange apes!

So after what felt like a very brief break, we are starting shoot two in Borneo. I’m pretty excited about this as I’ll get to meet one of Louis Leakey’s other famous primatologist women- Dr. Birute Galdikas. She’s been working with orang utans in Borneo about as long as Jane Goodall was in Gombe. ¬†After that we’ll travel to Sumatra to meet Ian Singleton who is fighting to save wild Sumatran orang utans.

Then we head to Kyoto where Dr. Matsuzawa works with one of the smartest apes in the world- a chimpanzee named Ai who can memorize sequences of numbers better than many humans! This trip will be very different from Africa and among other things, I’m looking forward to lots of noodles! ¬†Stay tuned for updates when I get there….