To see my latest blogs please go to The Last of the Great Apes website

After a ton of work by the web team at Liquid Interactive, our official website is finished, so please check it out at:!  From now on this is where my blogs will live. Sorry to make you have to bookmark a new site, but this will have much better features than Tumblr, including better archiving and you can see all the Facebook and twitter posts too, or just the blogs. Also, the blogs will be mapped by location and shown in a timeline format.  AND if you can’t be bothered with my wordiness, you can just see the latest photos and videos in the GALLERY. 

Also if you pledge to watch the movie or spread the word (doesn’t cost anything) it will put you on a map of our supporters and I’d love to see the map of Alaska darken as much as Australia (Come on homies!!).